Our Story

The story of Every Tribe Coffee originates among the misty mountain peaks of Southeast Asia in 2006, when the first Arabica coffee trees were delivered to impoverished upland farmers and former growers of opium. Coffee cultivation provided these farmers with a legal and sustainable cash crop, assisting hundreds of families to begin the climb out of poverty. Additionally, coffee cultivation helped to mitigate the factors that made the people in these remote villages vulnerable to human trafficking, which is rampant in the region. Most importantly, coffee became the vehicle for showing the love of Jesus and sharing his message of salvation with these unreached peoples.

Every Tribe Coffee was established in Louisville, Kentucky, to source high-quality Arabica beans from this first coffee-as-mission effort and from other mission works in Southeast Asia and around the world that likewise use coffee to show and share God's love. As we grow, we are finding new sources of coffee from many different types of coffee works.

Every Tribe Coffee is passionate about both quality coffee and effective mission work that glorifies God in both word and deed. Coffee must score highly to be featured in our offerings, and be of specialty grade. Likewise, a portion of the proceeds from our coffee sales goes to support frontier mission work.